Malin Ida Eriksson

Disciplin: Keramik och Glas
Stipendieår: 2020

Nominerande institution: Konstfack

Matt Smith, professor och Agneta Linton, prorektor/adjungerad professor.

Stipendiestiftelse: Jubelfonden



 Malin has a research led practice. She creates ceramic vessels which are unfired and filled with ink. The ink dissolves the clay vessels and spreads over the paper surfaces on which they are placed. These random ink drawings are then used as the sketches from which she creates large, ceramic 3 dimensional sculptures. The work blurs the line between drawing, ceramics, sculpture and performance – moving from 3 dimensions to 2 dimensions and then back to 3 dimensions. The work has a meticulous attention to detail and her thinking and writing about the research has a strong professionalism. Throughout the education, Malin has consistently taken on board suggestions and criticism and has the potential to become a strong voice in craft research moving forwards.