Foto: Fredrik Sandin Carlson

Esteban Gomez Ramirez

Disciplin: Industridesign

Stipendieår: 2021

Nominerande institution: Konstfack/DIV

Katja Pettersson, Jonas Ahnmé, Martin Avila och Jenny Althoff

Stipendiestiftelse: Jubelfonden



Esteban Gomez Ramirez explores through his Master degree project the reality faced by people displaced from their home territories. Developed for displacements within his home country, Colombia, which occur due to armed conflict, natural disasters, or big land acquisitions by corporations.  

Through the project, he suggests a progressive, sustainable, portable, productive, affordable, inclusive and livable housing solution for people in situation of displacement, inspired by traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and the indigenous communities from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the north of Colombia. 

Esteban combines his experience as a carpenter, lived experience of Colombia and social skills with his industrial design knowledge to question and find ways to renew the confidence within displaced people by constructing a house that is affordable, easy to build and can be adapted by traditional practices. He has conducted user-focused explorations that include people that have been displaced as well as professionals within this field, with the goal of developing a completely new and multifunctional house that can expand, be built and mounted down on uneven ground, a house that provides ways to grow food and also connects the house, through its aesthetics, to local craft and historical beliefs. 

His aim is to realize this project in Colombia and contributing to a better life for many. 

In his project, Esteban is innovative, curious, questioning and inclusive in an exemplary and inspiring way. Obtaining Konstfack’s scholarship will help to financially realize the project.