Åsa Johansson

Disciplin: Glas och keramik

Stipendieår: 2021

Nominerande institution: Konstfack

Nomineringskommitté: Matt Smith

Stipendiestiftelse: Jubelfonden



Åsa came to ceramics from a design background. Her commitment to the ceramics field, and particularly to glaze technology has been incredibly impressive. She has a keen eyer for detail and a perfectionist streak. Her practice is very hard to place – design, craft, fine art, public sculpture. Regardless, her dedication to hard work and investigation has provided her with a toolkit that will enable her to navigate a career in many different directions.

Åsa Johansson (b.1992 in Gothenburg, currently based in Stockholm) is a designer and artist who investigates the ceramic process by working with basic geometric shapes. She explores these forms and embodies them to balance the simplest and clearest elements of design. The geometry in her objects, together with the surface’s handworked quality, creates an exciting and dynamic relationship. She combines soft, colorful glazes with different textures on a surface with a rigid body, making opposition to each other.