Andreas Braun

Disciplin: Grafisk formgivning och illustration
Stipendieår: 2024

Nominerande institution: Konstfack

Nomineringskommitté: Lektor Catherine Anyango Grünewald, adjunkt Jöns Mellgren, lektor Sara Kaaman

Stipendiestiftelse: Jubelfonden



 Andreas’ enthusiastic presence and strong work ethic at Konstfack have been rewarding for both his fellow students and for the staff. He is always present and engaged, providing valuable contributions to class discussions and feedback to his peers. Andreas works with a focus on typography, and in his work explores heavy metal typefaces as a vehicle for dissecting notions of aggressive masculinity and male emotions. He subverts these typefaces by using them to describe notions of despair, hopelessness, anxiety and safety. His focus on the vulnerability of men paired with a typically aggressive symbols creates a platform for discussing these subjects. Andreas also uses type to express the absurdity and challenges inherent in navigating corporate structures, from Kronofongden to Forsäkringskassan. In terms of the future of graphic design, it is refreshing to see work that pushes the envelope of what is traditional, homogenous graphic design. He is also constantly looking outwards at the world and using his work to challenge societal norms that affect people negatively.